About Us

Our Why

We believe that our pets are not only part of our family and our memories, but also part of us. While we may know and love our pets  some of our lives, they love and see us all of theirs. At KiteVision, we design, develop and produce our IOL's and Visco Products in The USA with the highest quality in-mind at our GMP facility inspected by FDA. Our products are easy to use, doctor friendly, and most importantly pet approved.

Our Promise & Commitment to innovate

Creativity and Innovation happens through cross-industry collaboration. We have been at the forefront of the human-side vision restoration industry for over a decade, and now we want to bring that sense of incredible quality, precision and dedication to our furry friends and their family. Our promise, with your help, we dedicate ourselves to constantly innovate our products to suit not only your needs, but your little patient's needs as well. We can achieve our mission by building a relationship of trust, constant feedback, and care so that we can bridge the innovation gap between the human side, and our newfound furry family member.